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The Joomla course is for students who have completed the basic course in either our institute or other training institutes. People who have PHP knowledge can only take the Joomla course and you shall be provided with a "PHP - Joomla Course" certificate.
Course name:
Course duration:
30 hours (Flexible timing* – no need to join in batches !!! )
`3000 (single premium)

Course outline:

  • Basic Knowledge of Joomla as a MVC framework.
  • Set up and installation of Joomla.
  • Coding and file structure.
  • Database connectivity and handling.
  • Working with Admin panel.
  • Different tools used in Joomla.
  • Installing themes and plugins.
  • How to redesign Joomla website.
  • Implementing different jQuery applications.
  • Creating Custom Theme Functions, Menus and Sidebars.
  • Module Installation.
  • Component Installation.
  • Usability, Accessibility, Web Standards and SEO.
  • Creating a Website With Joomla.
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