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PHP Training Job Guaranted

Advance PHP Training
Course name:
Professional PHP/MySQL Developer
Course duration:
200 hours (Flexible timing* – no need to join in batches !!! )
`18000 (3 installments: `6000 x3)
`15000 (single premium)
Did you know that ‘Open Source Programming’ with PHP/MySQL is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the job scene today? Going through a good PHP/MySQL training course in Kolkata can take you places. We at PHP TRAINING KOLKATA provide you with the best PHP training at Kolkata getting you trained with live international projects. We constantly provide you one to one help during the course.

Basic Course outline:

Level 1
  • Basic Networking,How Internet works,Language Intro, What is DNS server,Web server,FTP server and HTTP server
  • How and what requires to create a website,difference between dynamic website and static website.
  • Small discussion with current technology and benefits of PHP
Level 2
  • Basic HTML Tags with practical
  • HTML5 Tags with practical
  • HTML Table
  • HTML Div
  • Basic CSS Ideas with example
  • Introduction to javascript
  • Basic Concept and use of javascript
  • Program with Registration form with javascript validation
  • Form validation with JQuery
Level 3
  • Introduction with MySQL
  • Basic concept of database designing
  • Intro to PHPMyAdmin
  • Database creations
  • MySQL queries
  • MySQL clauses and operators and functions
Level 4
  • Introduction to PHP variables with all data types,auto type casting
  • PHP operators
  • Conditional structure with practice
  • Flow control with small practice
  • Loops
  • PHP array
  • File handling
  • Image handling
  • Date and time function
  • PHP functions
  • PROJECT - Calculator
Level 5
  • Introduction of PHP session
  • Use of PHP session
  • Introduction of cookies
  • Login/Logout program
  • XML handling functions in php
  • PROJECT - Shopping Cart
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