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Mobile Application Development

Course name:
Professional Mobile Application Developer
Course duration:
80 hours (Flexible timing* – no need to join in batches !!! )
`24000 (3 installments: 8000 x 3) - per application
`22000 (single premium) - per application
Mobile application development is the trend of the day. With the popularity of mobile devices gaining an exponential increase and with smart phones on the rise, the mobile applications are here to stay. It though requires a minimum basic programming experience in order to take this training. We at PHP TRAINING KOLKATA shall provide you with the necessary platform so that you can stand out confidently in this job market. As an mobile exhibits multiple features it is important to learn the various methods of application programing related to it. But this is only possible through a well integrated mobile Application Development course which covers all the technical details related to mobile application development.

Course outline:

Level 1
  • OOP’s and pointer concept.
  • Basic introduction to Android, Windows, iPhone and iPad functionality and Architecture.
  • Memory Management in Mobile Devices.
Level 2
  • Defining a class, allocation, initializing objects
  • Defining function and function syntax, function call
  • Various types of actions.
  • PROJECT - Calculator
  • Various types of views like picker view, date picker, web view, Map view, table view, image view, scroller, text view usage.
  • Programs on all types of views.
  • Adding various views to action sheet and to views programmatically.
  • Form program.
Level 3
  • Web service.
  • SQLite Database
  • XMLParsing.
  • JSON
  • Web Service based application program
  • Navigation based application program.
  • Tab bar based application program.
  • PROJECT - Online food ordering system
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